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Small Business Planning

Giving businesses more than legal advice. We listen closely to our clients' ambitions to help them meet challenges, develop opportunities, and achieve their strategic vision.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur seeking to start your dream business, or whether you own an established business with plans to buy, sell or expand, or simply need a competent business attorney to guide you through the complexities of a major financing, real estate or business property transaction, you can count on Mattei Law PLLC to provide experienced representation. 

Mattei Law PLLC serves business owners in a variety of important areas:

  • Entity formation and organization of LLCs, limited liability partnerships, Subchapter S corporations and C corporations;

  • Negotiation and preparation of equity ownership, governance and entity control agreements, including shareholder agreements, buy/sell agreements, operating agreements, entity resolutions and option agreements;

  • Negotiating and drafting a wide range of commercial agreements, such as business contracts, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, real estate contracts, professional services agreements and purchase and sale agreements;

  • Business succession planning;

  • Preparing executive employment agreements, incentive compensation plans, non-compensation plans, and executive non-competition agreements, releases and severance arrangements.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we understand the devastating and costly impact caused by the failure of a business to either properly document or to carefully consider the tax and legal ramifications of its transactions. Accordingly, we stand ready to thoroughly review all significant business transactions to ensure major and minor issues are spotted in advance. 

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